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Best 10 Relationship Names


Perhaps the most typical of them is this.  By adding a (s) to the end of the word "babe," you can make the more contemporary version "babes."


Use this in the bedroom or when you are alone with your better half for the more private version of baby or babes.


The next one is a little dated but is still functional.  Extremely informal and frequently used before asking for something.


A really silly pet name that is typically used to refer to the sweet person you are with.  They are really considerate and always have kind things to say.


As Disney began producing their well-known prince and princess films, like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


Your mother can refer to you as "dear," as it is a term of endearment used for both individuals and couples.  Just a note: avoid calling strangers "dear."

My Lover

Before calling someone your lover, we often add a (my) to make the sound smoother and to suggest that you are only ever with that person.  The best time to utilize this deeper "pet name" is after the couple has engaged in romance.


This is a phrase of endearment reserved for romantic partners that people who are in love could use to address one another.


This "pet name" may be the ideal to use if you believe your partner to be a really good and honest person.


This could be as simple as "hello boo" or as explicit as "right there boo don't stop."

Couples all throughout the world frequently refer to one another by nicknames, whether they are engaged, dating, or married.  These nick names are more affectionate than using a first name and are referred to as "pet names" in English.