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Best Baby Names Based On Zodiac Sign

Aquarius are otherworldly and futuristic, always on a mission to improve the lives of others. Consider names like Astrid, Stella, Orion, Zeke, and Talul.


Virgo babies are caretakers obsessed with self-improvement. Consider names like Eremita, Mercurio, Huck, Asher, Greta, Hollis, Keanu, or Reeves.


Scorpio is intense and concerned with transformation and the shadow. Consider names like Lazarus, Lethe, Freya, Draven, Kali, Acacia, Marigold, Zelda, Circe, Layla, and Wednesday.


Gemini babies are quick-witted and charming, but sometimes indecisive. Consider names like Grey, Coco, Pandora, Malachi, Castor, and Whitman/Stevie.


Capricorns are strivers always looking for ways to reach the top. Consider names like Atlas, Poe, Rue, Rainier, Bowie, and Xavier for these strategist hedonists.


Aries babies love names with a fiery ring like Marius, Margot, Neo, Nova, and Marlon. They're impulsive adventurers who play to win.


Libras are lovers of peace and beauty. Consider names like Levi, Beatrix, Clyde, Oliver, Lucien, Oscar, Ophelia, Themis, and Eloise. They make great diplomats and romantics.


Taurus babies love nature-inspired names like Eden, Wren, Jasper, and Clay. Leda and code words for weed are also on-brand.


Sagittarius is the freedom-loving truth seeker of the zodiac. Consider names like Twain, Flint, Archer, Artemis, Thora, Cyrus, Conor, Marco, Homer, Prometheus, and Oriane.


Leos are natural leaders and proud hams. Consider names like Helio, Leonardo/Leonidas (Leo), Sunny, and Rhea. They're warm, animated, and regal.


Cancer babies are intuitive, emotional, and love water-inspired names like Briar, Bruno, Sebastian, Luna, Ayla, and Indigo (Indy).


Pisces are dreamy and spiritual water babies. Consider names like Ula, Caspian, Bardo, Moses, Ondine, and Yara. They have a preference for a life of fantasy.