Best Floor Exercises for Women to Lose Weight

Bicycle Crunches

This dynamic core workout involves upper and lower abs. "This motion builds a stronger core so you can complete other exercises.

Squeeze Crab Pushups

Squeeze crab pushups, which seem like a dancing motion, are a great floor exercise for strength and stability. Murdock suggests, "This move works your chest, triceps, and inner thighs."

Side Leg Raises

Start resting on your side with legs and hips stacked. Avoid forward or backward tilting. Keep your toes pointed and slowly elevate the top leg. Return your leg to the ground to click the heels, then raise the top leg. Three rounds of 30–45 seconds per side.

Tipping Frogs

Tipping frogs demonstrate balance, flexibility, and core strength. Starting in a deep squat and leaning forward to contact the ground activates the glutes, quadriceps, and core.

Glute Bridges

A staple in many routines, glute bridges are all about elevating and toning the backside. "This move works your glutes, arms, and shoulders

Sideways Floor Pushups

Murdock advises laying on the floor with your top leg diagonally from your hip and your bottom leg bent. "Hug yourself by wrapping your floor-bound arm over your ribcage. Place your palm on the floor in front of you with the other arm. Push yourself up and down slowly without locking your elbows.

 Butt Blasters

Start on all fours with a resistance band in each hand. Keep your foot flexed and place your arch in the band loop. Keep the band tight for added challenge. Put your foot behind you at hip height. Bend your knee and draw it to your chest. Four sets of 12–15 repetitions per side.

 Staggered Pushups

"With this exercise, you're strengthening multiple muscle groups," explains Murdock. "But, more importantly, it will help you maintain strength for everyday tasks."

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