Best Genres of Music Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries, you're impetuous and like dance, house, or techno. You have an appreciation for rhythm and movement.

As domestic creatures by nature, Taureans gravitate toward the sounds of their culture, whether it be folk or country.

Because of their inner adolescent, Geminis are drawn to upbeat, pulsating genres like electro.

Cancers are known for being romantic, sensitive, and gentle, all of which play a part in their musical preferences. They are more likely to like the music of the harp or the piano.


Leos like theatric music and performances, and they aren't afraid to let their inner star shine through.

Virgos are reserved and serious individuals who like the spiritual message conveyed by medieval-style music.

LOVE SONGS FOR LIBRA, Aw, romance. All Libras want this. What better kind of music for kids to listen to than love songs?!

 SCORPIO, Jazz appeals to Scorpios' imaginative, independent nature and their need for independence.

Since Sagittarians are considered to be aggressive, anti-conformist, rebels, it seems to reason that they would like listening to heavy rock or metal.

Capricorns are known for their seriousness, class, and devotion to classical music. Capricorns might get the respect from others that they want by listening to classical music.

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Aquarius are tolerant and independent, therefore they prefer strange noises that enhance their everyday independence.

Pisces, an imaginative and creative zodiac sign, seek beauty everywhere, making opera the best genre for their sensitive musical preferences.