Best Ice Cream Flavor for Your Zodiac Sign

Aries may try savoury ice cream. Alexander claims garlic-flavored ice cream is a favourite delicacy during the Gilroy Garlic Festival near San Jose, California.

Aries: Garlic

Taurus: Chocolate or Chip

"Tauruses are indulgent, and what's more decadent than dark chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and fudge sauce? 

Gemini: Walnut or Butter Pecan

Nuts, particularly omega-3-rich walnuts, are "brain foods" that improve memory and cognition.

Cancer: Stone Fruit-Flavored Ice Cream

Choose peach, apricot, or cherry ice cream. Alexander explains, "Any ice cream flavour is good for Cancer, since astrologists equate it with milk.

Leo: Citrus Ice Cream

Leo is vivacious." Lemon or orange ice cream is perfect on a hot August day in Leo.

Virgo: Green Tea

For health-conscious Virgos, green tea ice cream is a Japanese favourite "Green tea promotes brain function and fights cancer and heart disease with polyphenols.

Libra: Strawberry

Venus prefers strawberries." Venus, where ancients believed the goddess dwelt, controls strawberries and Libra.


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