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Cocktail Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The complex Aquarians, ruled by two planets, prefer the simple but sophisticated vodka martini.


Virgo loves medicinal drinks born of necessity, like the Whiskey Sour. The cocktail's bitter foundation of preserved lime juice in spirits was originally created by the Spanish Navy to prevent scurvy and mutiny.


Scorpio rules the secretive 8th house & loves forbidden things. No surprise they adore the Prohibition-era Mint Julep, which contains no tea, but still packs a punch.


Gemini's silver tongue and curiosity make them social butterflies. As a Mercury-ruled sign, they're drawn to the Cosmopolitan, perfect for gossip and sex talk.


Capricorns, ruled by Saturn and known for their traditionalism and "dad energy," love a classic Old Fashioned cocktail.


Aries, the first sign, are drawn to blood sports and red hues, making the Bloody Mary their perfect cocktail. They may start drinking hard at brunch!


Mint Julep is the official cocktail of Kentucky Derby, beloved by Libras for its association with excess, love, betting, fancy attire, and parties.


Taurus' power color is green, making the Mojito a fitting drink with its aggressive preparation, taste of garden beds, melted popsicles, and fresh mint.


Sagittarius Jeff Bridges' iconic character, The Dude, epitomizes his sign's love of truth and adventure. His drink, the White Russian, suits his laid-back, indulgent nature.


Leo is the champagne of the zodiac, fitting for their love for celebration. Ruling the heart, they're both romantic and dramatic. The French 75 became famous after being ordered in the romantic classic "Casablanca."


Cancer's moody nature and moon rule make the Margarita a fitting cocktail with its sour, sweet, and salty notes.


Pisces' love for excess is embodied in the Mai Tai - a fruity, boozy drink that smells like suntan lotion and tastes like a maraschino belly button.