Color Palettes Inspired by the Signs of the Zodiac


Mars, the God of War and ruler of Aries, is connected to the colour red. The ram is a symbol for the impetuous, adventurous, and energising sign of Aries. It is a Fire sign as well.


Emerald green, the sign's power hue, grounds Taurus in its Earth-centered energy. Taurus is a grounded and dependable sign, yet it has a propensity for rigidity.


Gemini is an Air sign, and Mercury rules it. Gemini's yellow power hue results from this. Since Geminis are members of the tropical zodiac, they will thrive in tropical settings.


The moon, which rules the sign of Cancer and is represented by the crab, provides this serene and spiritual sign its power hue of silver.


Leo, a fiery sign of vivacity, is governed by the sun. As a result, Leos' power colour is a deep, flaming orange.


The maiden, originally a goddess of wheat and agriculture, symbolises the sixth zodiac sign of Virgo, which is also known as the Virgin.


Aesthetically-minded Libra is ruled by the planet of beauty, Venus. This lends pink as the power color of this sign.


Pluto and Mars dominate Scorpio, giving this Water sign strength through the colours of black and maroon. Scorpios are thought to be very forceful and fiercely independent, making them a sign that is sometimes misunderstood. They are frequently wrongly linked to Fire signs by this.