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Dietary Myths That Are Weird

Internet-famous diets with no nutritional value spread misinformation and pose harm. 30 such claims have no grounds in reality, caution experts.

Websites demonize fat despite its nutritional value, leading to replacing it with carbs/sugar by food manufacturers, which increased obesity rates per Dr. Surampudi.

Fats are always harmful

Burning more calories than intake leads to weight loss, but experts say it's short-lived. Nutritionists suggest focusing on food value instead of caloric value, which turns into saturated fat.

Calories in, Calories out

Delaying breakfast during intermittent fasting has shown to improve blood sugar control and reduce inflammation, contrary to the belief of a healthier breakfast.

Breakfast is important meal

Research shows that people who eat smaller meals throughout the day tend to have increased hunger levelst, compared to those who eat larger meals, contradicting the claim.

Eating small meal can make you healthy

Compared to cow's milk, plant milk has lower protein content (1-2g per cup vs. 8g per cup) and may have more added ingredients that can cause health hazards.

Plant milk is more healthy

Potatoes are high in glycemic index, but they contain beneficial nutrients like vitamin C, potassium, and fiber.

White potatoes are bad

Protein shakes aren't the only post-workout drink for cell regeneration. Research suggests drinking 3 cups of green tea per day reduces cell damage caused by workouts.

A protein shake is the best post-workout drink

Sea salt may have trace amounts of minerals, but one would need dangerously high levels of sodium to get a significant dose.

Sea salt is better

Foods labeled as "natural" aren't always healthy as they can contain harmful elements like HFCS in corn syrup and Maltodextrin in natural Cheetos that increase blood sugar levels.

“Natural” foods are healthier

Egg yolks contain moderate levels of cholesterol, but studies show that consuming 5-6 yolks with exercise and a healthy diet does not increase blood sugar levels.

Egg yolks raise cholesterol