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Flower That Empowers Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is the boundary-dwelling, anarchic outsider ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Orchids, like engorged alien genitalia, resemble this unique and unconventional sign.


Chrysanthemums, the autumn blooms, symbolize resilience and courage in the face of adversity, aligning with the Virgo's disposition for grit and grace.


Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is linked to sex, fatality, and transformation. In Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” doomed love between Adonis and Aphrodite.


Geminis, ruled by Mercury, are represented by the adaptable and conversationally contagious daisy.


Capricorn, the builder of the zodiac, endures to achieve. Sea goats like ivy itself, thrive in poor soil, and endure difficult childhoods/shade.


Aries is represented by the resilient, prickly thistle, embodying their warrior spirit. Ted Hughes' poem "Thistles" perfectly captures their battle-ready nature.


Libras seek balance and beauty, reflected in the cosmo flower, named for the Greek kosmos or absolute harmony. Ruled by Venus, Libras excel at artful adornment.


Lily of the Valley was created by Apollo for his nymphs to walk on. Taureans prioritize personal comfort above all.


The peony is named for Paeon, a pupil of Asclepius, the god of medicine who was himself taught by Chiron, the centaur symbol for Sagittarius.


Sunflowers are hyper-accumulators and have been planted in areas with toxic materials to aid in recovery, such as after the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters.


Larkspur is the flower for July/Cancer, ruled by the moon, representing the divine feminine, mending, and care. It's been used for medicine and poison, mundane to magical.


Water lilies symbolize spiritual rebirth and inspire Piscean artists. They bloom in dark water, reflecting the sign's ability to find light in the darkest places.