Healthy Cooking: Grilling, Steaming, Roasting

Grilling: For health reasons, grilling eliminates fat via dripping and adds a smokey flavor; nevertheless, it should not be burned.

A better choice while grilling is to select lean meats, marinade them, and avoid forming dangerous compounds.

Steaming: Low in calories and added fats, steaming preserves nutrients while maintaining natural aromas.

A Few Things to Know About Steaming: Use herbs and spices to improve flavor and avoid overcooking to retain nutrients.

Roasting: Roasting produces crunchy textures and adds rich taste with less fat. It may be used to a variety of foods.

Roasting Tips: Use lean meat pieces and only sometimes use heart-healthy oils. Rotate food to ensure equal cooking.

Flexibility: The flavor and texture of a wide range of foods may be improved using these techniques' flexibility.

Healthy Options: Use marinades, herbs, and spices to add flavor instead of overusing oil or salt while cooking.

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