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How To Control Each Sign Of The Zodiac 

 Telling them not to do that is the simplest method to control them. And then give five reasons why.


With a mind as intelligent and analytical as theirs, manipulation is difficult. Telling them they have the intellect to complete a certain task that is simply beyond you is the only way to move forward .


This zodiac sign is unchangeable. It was their idea to manipulate. Requesting them is the only way to move ahead with them. 


The independent, disobedient one is incapable of obeying directions. Give them so many choices that they struggle to make a decision. 


Give them the cash. Anything that has the words "success" or "money" in it appeals to this ambitious zodiac sign. Let them sense the strength.


Allowing them to feel like they are in control is the simplest method to influence them. They will gladly pay attention to you as long as they feel in charge.


A few words of praise can readily influence the perfection-seeking sign. Tell them how wonderful they are and how you have won them over. 


The luxurious Taurus sign is often influenced by positive things and tasteful gifts.


Tell them straight up that whatever it is is going to be a lot of fun. And they will be missing out if they choose not to participate. 


The Lion who wears his mane of pride has a big heart and a bigger ego. If you want something done, stroke that giant ego of theirs.


aaThe only path ahead with them is through emotions. You may access their most valuable asset, emotional sensitivity, by shedding a few tears. 


Be the helpless damsel. Be the helpless one if you want them to do anything for you.