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Human facts about love

Broken heart syndrome is real, intense emotional stress weakening the heart, causing symptoms like chest pain and shortness of breath.

Broken heart syndrome

why lovers exchange red roses on Valentine’s Day? Well, it’s because these flowers represent the Roman goddess of love.

Roses on Valentine’s

Humans are intrinsically interesting, we actually find people with different immune systems than ours more attractive to us.

The immune system connection

Chemical compatibility influences partner choice; high estrogen seeks high testosterone.

The connection with the chemical makeup

Couples who are in love synchronize their heart rates as they gaze into each other’s eyes, hence the giddiness probably.

Heartbeat synchronicity

Apparently falling in love is comparable to taking a dose of cocaine in terms of emotional effects.

Cocaine effects in love

All of those daydreaming thoughts of your love, the reminders of love, influence more abstract and creative thinking.

Daydreaming in love

While that’s that, spicy scenarios and reminders of sex trigger concrete thinking, on the other hand. This helps build focus on momentary details of a task. 

Love builds focus

At an early stage of love, we have a lower level of serotonin and a higher level of cortisol, which is linked to stress and hence the acting different.

Changes while falling in love

Humans are drawn to a person depending on how they smell and how much they are innately drawn to that smell.

Smelling your way into love