If you can smell this, you are overindulging in your coffee consumption.

There is a good probability that your caffeine consumption is higher than the average person's if coffee is your go-to beverage regardless of whether you are happy, unhappy, sluggish, or thrilled.

Did you ever wonder whether there is a way to determine whether or not you are actually consuming an excessive amount of caffeine? It is asserted that a recent research has the solution.

A study that was carried out by the University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom discovered that there is one method that may be used to identify excessive dependence on coffee.

It is possible to do this by paying great attention to whether or not you detect the aroma of a cup of coffee that is not very strong.

The group of researchers investigated the ways in which individuals react to the aroma of coffee, and found that the response differed depending on whether or not the individuals were heavy coffee users.

Daily coffee consumers are more sensitive to coffee smell and may detect even minimal amounts of caffeine in the weakest cup. Higher caffeine consumption made people recognize coffee smell faster.

People with high coffee appetites may also sense caffeine more accurately. They were more sensitive to coffee smell and could recognize it faster.

Therefore, the next time you are able to detect even the tiniest whiff of coffee emanating from a coffee shop located at a considerable distance, this is a sign that your caffeine intake has reached an unhealthy level.

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