Is it possible that Chip Kelly will return to the National Football League?

The revelation that numerous clubs are investigating the prospect of hiring UCLA coach Chip Kelly to become the team's offensive coordinator was reported earlier this month.

This news may have been regarded as part of an effort by Kelly to convince someone to take him even more seriously as a potential candidate for the position. As of now, Kelly has not had any positive outcomes.

However, there is one team that he could be especially aiming for, and that is the Raiders. People from the National Football League are congregating in Mobile, Alabama, for the Senior Bowl practices, and this is the word that is spreading across the city.

Since Antonio Pierce has taken over as head coach of the Raiders, the team will require an offensive coach that is of high caliber. On the other hand, it is unknown whether Pierce would be interested in adding Kelly to his team of employees.

At the collegiate level, Kelly has been successful not just at Oregon but also at UCLA, where she has been more lately.

After spending only three seasons with the Eagles, he moved on to play for the 49ers for one season.

The record of Kelly as a collegiate head coach is 81-41. During his time in the NFL, he lived from 28 to 35.

Perhaps Kelly is making a serious attempt to return to the National Football League as a coordinator, but it does not appear that this effort has yet taken root. We will wait and see whether he is successful in convincing the Raiders to take a look at him.