Kid-friendly tiny dog breeds Part -2

Boston Terrier The Boston Terrier is known as the "American Gentleman" because to his good manners and tuxedo-like black and white coat. 


Boston Terrier These amiable, inquisitive, and mischievous dogs get along well with youngsters and will quickly win over everyone with their charming, confident, and energetic personalities.

French bulldog French Bulldogs are versatile and get along with most people, making them great with kids. 


French bulldog Though little, this pup has great social requirements and will make their presence known! They don't require much exercise, although they love playing with youngsters in the backyard or taking short walks.  


Havanese If you have kids, the joyful and funny Havanese is a perfect option. Their huge brown eyes could melt butter and energetic personalities make them the star of the party.


Havanese This dog's pleasant attitude allows them to get along with youngsters and enjoy their company. 

Shih-Tzu Outgoing and mischievous, Shih Tzus love youngsters. These sociable, beautiful canines are content in flats or houses with little backyards.


Shih-Tzu This dog loves cuddling on laps and being outside or inside with the family. As companions, they excel. Shih Tzus are kind and obedient.

American Eskimo Dog The gorgeous American Eskimo Dog is loyal, smart, adaptable, attentive, and sociable, making them ideal family pets.


American Eskimo Dog Affectionate, inquisitive, and playful, they're the ideal companion for any youngster searching for an adventure. This dog requires mental and physical stimulation or it may become hyperactive and highly strung.