Knowing If Each Zodiac Trusts You

Aries You will see their emotions and vulnerability. They appear strong, cold-hearted, and unbothered, but if you get to know them and trust them, you'll notice a sensitive side. 

Gemini You'll see their serious side. Fun, cheerful, and sarcastic Geminis. They constantly joke and mock others. You may assume they can't take anything seriously or have a profound conversation

Cancer Their memory box will be shown. Although they're more open and outspoken than others and don't hide their emotions, they don't share their private life.


Leo If they let you lead. Leos never surrender and don't trust anyone else to make decisions for them because they believe they're smarter than anyone else. 

Virgo Crying in front of you. No of their struggles, Virgos never cry or exhibit vulnerability. They don't seek pity because they always soothe others. 

Libra You learn their best friend's secrets. Libras are usually protective of their friends and secrets, but sometimes they may spill a few things or ask for your advice.

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