Least Emotional Zodiacs

Aquarius Aquarians are the least emotional. They feel feelings, but they look at them differently. This symbol never cries or complains.

Capricorn Capricorns focus on their objectives rather than emotions. They have sentiments, but they think expressing them is pointless. Great public personas are calm and professional.


Gemini Geminis are sociable and gregarious, and their emotions seldom get in the way. They forgive and forget easily.

Sagittarius Sagittariuses are cheerful and don't allow bad feelings get them down. While they sometimes become down, they're good at getting over it since they always see the bright side.

Libra Libras reflect others' feelings rather than their own. They can read a room and don't want to show their emotions. Libras will always maintain harmony, even if it means suppressing their feelings.

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Virgo Despite their powerful emotions, Virgos are adept at recognizing and managing them. They seldom dwell in negativity since they can always learn from awful circumstances.