LSU star Olivia Dunne wasn't a huge fan of Usher's Super Bowl halftime show

It was a joke that Dunne made about how she was still waiting for Justin Bieber to show up.

Olivia Dunne, a gymnast for LSU, was obviously not a big fan of Usher's performance during the Super Bowl halftime show, which was one of the best halftime shows ever.

After Justin Bieber's absence, she expressed her dissatisfaction in a TikTok video that she published.

It was speculated that Justin Bieber, who was present at Allegiant Stadium with his wife Hailey, would make an unexpected appearance during Usher's Super Bowl performance.

In spite of the fact that the second half had begun, Dunne made a joke about the fact that she was still waiting for him to appear on stage.

Those in attendance were blown away by Usher's performance, which lasted for thirteen minutes

and included all of his singles throughout his thirty-year career, even those with features.

A large number of dancers on roller blades performed alongside Usher during the halftime show. Alicia Keys, Lil Jon, Ludacris, and H.E.R. were among the performers who participated.

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