May 2, 2023: Love Surprises These 3 astrological signs

Gemini: May 21–June 20 Gemini, you asked. You pushed and gave your spouse the space to talk about their experiences, and now you have the truth in front of you. 


Gemini You okay? On May 2, the Libra Moon will give you what you want—the truth from your companion, who has always withheld it.

Gemini Now that they're upfront with you, you'll find out they should have kept it to themselves. Today will teach you love. At first, you thought sharing all secrets would be a great idea and that, with all the cards on the table, you and 

Gemini your partner could live perfect lives in perfect truth, but what you will discover during the Libra Moon is something you wish you never heard. 


Leo (July 23–August 22) Today, you'll learn your spouse isn't who you thought. Sure, they're still wonderful and faithful and completely devoted to you, but now that the 


Leo  Libra Moon has revealed this "alternate version" of themselves to you, you're tempted to step back and re-evaluate your need for truth.  

Leo  On May 2, you'll discover the "real" reason your relationship has always been "this way." You're about to find that you're not the great analyzer, the Sigmund Freud of your romantic relationships. 

Leo  You'll try to deal with your partner's significant differences, but it seems impossible. Leo, this will challenge you. Will you still support your partner after learning the truth? Will see.

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Sagittarius (November 22–December 21) During the Libra Moon, you'll learn something surprising about your partner, which is good. It may surprise you. Your partner thinks about the future, which includes you.


Sagittarius  That's great and exciting, but their vision of the future may not match yours. On May 2, during the Libra Moon, you may need to tell them that you appreciate what they've shared but aren't ready for that kind of compromise. 

Sagittarius  As a Sagittarius, you pursue your path, and even if you love and respect your spouse, what you learn about them today may not be what you want in life.