Most Adorable Dog Breed

The Pomeranian is a small but lively dog and is one of the most popular Toy breeds. While they require a lot of socialization and training, this breed makes an idea 

These sweet bundles of fluff will never lose their puppy faces, and the fact that they remain so small certainly helps with this 

These small dogs have quite a history as forever puppies. They were a popular lapdog choice for the Ancient Greeks and Romans 

They are famous for their long smooth coats that often reach the floor. Many humans adorn their Maltese with bows because they look so regal.  


Perhaps the most famous Corgi fan is Queen Elizabeth II. But this smart and affectionate breed ranks high with the rest of us, too, as the 13th most popular dog breed  

A stumpy favorite, the Corgi is a herding dog used for cattle. While their legs were a little longer in the past, they still remain masters of their craft 

They have incredibly young faces and a small size that retain that puppylike look. What people often forget is that Corgis are active herding dogs  

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