Most Emotional Zodiacs

Cancer Cancers are very sensitive to their own and others' emotions. They can read a room and sense people's moods. If they're not cautious, getting tied up in other people's emotions might weary them.

Pisces Pisces are extremely creative and emotional. They're sensitive. Their lovely, loving personality makes them fantastic friends, but it also causes them to become angry with others.

Leo Leos are emotionally and physically heart-centered. Their competitiveness makes them wonderful teammates, but they take disappointment and bad feelings hard.


Aries Aries are known for showing their feelings. Aries are outspoken, so you'll know when they're displeased. They also overcome bad feelings fast.

Scorpio Scorpios are sensitive and dislike superficial interactions and individuals. They have problems expressing their feelings, which might make them feel lonely or alone.

Taurus Taurus is calm, thus they may not seem emotional. This sign is in touch with their emotions even when they don't speak about them. 

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Tauruses don't like inferior goods since they like the best. They're one of the strongest zodiac signs emotionally.