Most Likely Zodiac Signs to Relocate

Aries The Planet head astrologer says Aries love change and are constantly ready to shift. When life gets stale, their impulsivity and desire to perceive life as a magnificent adventure makes them want new beginnings.


Aries Aries continuously looks for flats in various places to become excited. They sublet to move rapidly. Aries wish for forward movement, so after they've acquired what they want, they're off to the next spot.

Leo Leo As part of the fixed sign quartet, Leos are anchored and less adaptive to change, yet they can make themselves comfortable and grounded wherever they are.


Leo Leos will take any chance to move. Lumsden said they like new areas because they can make new pals. Movement helps Leos feel like themselves since they love others.


Scorpio  Pluto rules Scorpios. Scorpios, a fixed sign, are here to alter, heal, and remake themselves.


Scorpio  Scorpios will find a way to succeed in a new city, town, or even nation. They fantasize of starting again with no one knowing their name. 

Scorpio  Since they are here to undergo a deep transformation, shedding [their old life] and welcoming new people and places can help them progress in their rebirth.

Sagittarius  Sagittarians are real explorers and freedom-seekers. Being controlled by Jupiter, the spacious, happy planet, they are the first sign to fly and explore.


Sagittarius  Staying put makes Sagittarians uncomfortable. These people convert vehicles for travel. They're most themselves while traveling.

Sagittarius  Traveling makes them desire to relocate there. Sagittarians love to travel and explore, and they'll share their wanderlust with others.

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Aquarius  will list 10 places they've lived. This sign is autonomous and doesn't mind traveling alone to a new city. They enjoy most relocating.


Aquarius While many people want to live in big cities like New York or Paris, this sign may move to Idaho just for the experience.

Aquarius Aquarians have less motivation to remain put since moving doesn't affect their existence. They're great at adjusting to change, relocating, and establishing a routine in their new area.