Most Romantic Zodiac Sign According to Astrology

Pisces -  Pisces' great emotional connection, empathy, and sensitivity make them loving companions.

Cancer The moon governs Cancer's emotions, making them sensitive to others'. They tend to prioritize their partner's needs before their own and are kind and considerate.

Libra -  Venus, the planet of love and beauty, makes Libras romantics. Charming and provocative, they enjoy romance.


Taurus -  Venus rules Taurus, making them passionate and sensuous lovers. They like splurging on fancy dates with their significant other.

Scorpio -  Scorpio's tremendous desire and magnetic charisma may attract love partners.

Leo -  Sun-ruled Leos are brave, assertive, and passionate. They like lavishing their love and care on their significant others.

Sagittarius –  Sagittarians are renowned for their sense of adventure and independence, which may lead to some thrilling and passionate encounters.

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Aquarius -  Aquarius lovers are intrigued by their unusual approach to relationships. They like intelligent interactions with those they care about.