One Change They Made That Finally Helped Them Lose Weight

Think Long-Term Lifestyle Change 

I succeeded on WeightWatchers by thinking of it as a lifestyle, not a diet. I know, so cliché! Once I discovered that—and that you can eat all your favorite meals in moderation—it changed everything. I also eliminated meal guessing with meal prep. Adding this to my regimen helped me reach my goals.”

Retrain Your Taste buds 

“My sweet tooth has plagued me my whole life. I constantly returned to sugar after quitting, no matter how many times. On a whim, I tried to reprogram my taste senses. I always had salty food when I wanted sweet. If I had nothing else, it was a few salt crystals. It quickly stopped sugar cravings and eventually stopped them.

Get rid of sugary drinks

Cutting off soda and sugary beverages helped me lose weight. I shed 60 pounds by quitting Coke. I didn't drink much soda, but it had a lot of sugar. Not changing anything else till I stopped drinking soda. This accomplishment inspired me to alter more. Anyone who wants to lose weight should try this. 

Make Home Exercise Easy

“Building a home gym helped me get healthy and stay on track. It started gently with my mom's dumbbells, curl bar, and weights, but it was enough to get me into a habit and eradicate my dislikes of commercial gyms. My gym is now as good as a commercial gym minus all the crap that bugged me after four years of slowly adding equipment.

Journal Your Food 

A meal journal helped me track my diet. It may seem tiny, but this changed my life. I had no clue how many calories or nutrients I was eating before I started monitoring. After writing down everything I ate, I could see what I was eating. I could detect bad behaviors and eat more mindfully.” 

Watch Portion Sizes 

“Reducing my portion sizes made a huge difference in my weight loss. It might be hard to watch portion sizes while cooking or eating at a restaurant that likes to upsell us on dishes and calories. Mindfully eating, chewing slowly, and drinking water helps me recognize when I'm full. Slowing down my eating has made me healthier than in years.”

Avoid Fad Diets 

The #1 factor that eventually helped me lose weight was giving up dieting and eating properly. I tried Keto, Paleo, low-fat, and everything in between. However, constant deprivation hampered my attempts.

Avoid Fad Diets 

By eating healthy foods with fewer processed elements, I've cut calories without sacrificing taste. It sounds easy, but psychology can help you lose weight.” Jon Stephens, Operations Director,

Make Fitness Priority 

I always put working out on hold, thinking I'd do it tomorrow when my schedule filled up instead of forcing myself to find time and stick to it. That tomorrow mindset led to months of postponing workouts and poor health. My health improved once I made exercise a priority. Your body is one. It needs care.”

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