(Part-1) Lions lose to 49ers in NFC Championship Game following exciting comeback.

An NFL head coach can only do so much when the unexplained happens. You can't legislate for Josh Reynolds, the team's reliable receiver, missing a fourth-down convert to begin a half

For example, top running back Jahmyr Gibbs mishandled a hand-off, collided with a crush of people, and coughed up a fumble on his own 25-yard line. Or your special teams misplaying a perfectly placed punt, knocking it into the endzone for a touchback instead of trapping San Francisco at their goalline.

You can't legislate for 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy throwing a ball at the sports gods and it rebounding off an opponent's facemask and into Brandon Aiyuk's hands for a 51-yard completion.

Before the game, a ladybug landed on my shoe. “And you all know what that means,” Aiyuk explained his grab after the Niners won 34-31. I can only say that. Other than that, no idea.”

The NFC title game hinged on Aiyuk's third-quarter catch. Lions had played near-perfect till then. Brock Purdy shot the ball into congested passageways with uncertainty. The Niners defense couldn't stop Lions' attacks. The catch occurred. On third-down, Reynolds dropped another catch. Then the Lions missed a vital sack. The game was tied before you could refill your Stanley cup.

Campbell committed to his idea as the game slipped away. He handed the ball to Jared Goff. He tried many fourth downs instead of shooting field goals to stop the bleeding. He kicked a field goal instead of reestablishing a three-score lead early in the second half to stop the Niners' momentum. 

Campbell again denied a fourth-and-three field goal from the Niners' 30-yard line midway through the fourth quarter to tie the game. Boom or bust, touchdown or nothing. After Goff's missed throw, the Niners rushed up the field for the game-winning score.

Campbell's decision will cause much anxiety in the coming days. His chances to kick field goals to arrest the rot were many. The Lions might have been even and driven to win instead of chasing the game. Instead, they had to dig out of a 10-point deficit with limited time.