(Part-1) Warriors need victories now, not post-loss positivity.

AUSTIN, TX — With Saturday's 145-144 double-overtime loss to the Lakers at Chase Center, the Warriors took another devastating blow to an already devastating season.

The Warriors continued a frustrating cycle they've been trapped in for most of the season, having opportunities to win in regulation and both overtimes but couldn't finish the job.

After each nail-biting defeat, Coach Steve Kerr and the team have done their best to maintain a positive outlook. They were justified in their feelings on Saturday.

In regulation, the Warriors lost a 15-point lead. However, in both overtimes, the Warriors scored heavily (especially Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson), forcing the Lakers to work hard. Finally, in the last seconds, Dub Nation rival LeBron James made two free throws to secure the victory for the Lakers.

The season is already halfway through, so every second counts. With a record of 19–24, the Warriors are now in the 12th place in the Western Conference, just three games removed from a play-in position.

If the Warriors want to keep their season from getting out of hand, they need to win soon. "Throughout the season, we've encountered challenging situations, mistakes that we caused ourselves, and games that we clearly ought to have triumphed over," Curry remarked.

You felt that you played adequately enough to win tonight, similar to Thursday's 134-133 setback in Sac. We persisted through thick and thin, kept going when the going got tough, and eventually created our own window of opportunity. It demonstrates our sincere desire for it.

In an effort to turn the tide of our season, we're playing with a hint of desperation. Presently, I still have no results to show for my efforts.