(Part-2) Bosa delightfully recounts his halftime motivational message to 49ers.

Even in the locker room, Kyle Shanahan could sense the discontent. Like his All-Pro edge rusher, the 49ers coach had a message.

For Shanahan, it was all about getting the ball in the correct basket. Our squad has received much too much respect. If we hadn't been able to play better as a team, it would have been a really harsh way to finish it.

Their football style was the deciding factor. Bosa told his teammates that the first half was lacking because they didn't trust each other and weren't doing their jobs.

"Just trying to remind everybody to be productive," Bosa stated. Everything we need to do is that. Get your one-11 done. Disruptions occurred in the first half

Only one man every time. You just must perform your duties; clearly, I do not fully understand what is happening.

For the second half, Bosa and the defense entered the field with a new mindset and approach. Through five drives, they limited Goff and the Lions' offense to seven points with two fourth-down stops, a turnover, and a punt.

"I was incredibly pleased with the team," Shanahan said. Everything was secondary to their focus on winning

From their expressions at halfway through the third quarter and beyond, you could see their intensity until the last buzzer.