(Part-2) Warriors need victories now, not post-loss positivity.

This season, the Warriors have lost four games decided by one point. Eleven of their twenty-four defeats have been by a margin of five points or less. They would have been more competitive and in a better position to make the playoffs if they had won even four of those tight games.

Additionally, the losses have taken several forms. As happened with the Lakers, there have been instances of significant leads being squandered. Rallies following large deficits have failed to materialize. A couple of blowouts have also occurred, but they are far from common.

The Warriors still have 39 games left to try and save their season. That is the most important thing for the squad to concentrate on at the moment, even more so than the devastating losses.

In a group setting, "we know how talented we are," Thompson stated. "Losing time, especially at a high level, is terrible. This can teach us anything. A lot more basketball is still ahead to help get things back on track. We shouldn't be disheartened; we still have time, but we must act quickly.

This isn't always easy to implement. On his way to the locker room following Saturday's loss, Curry tore his jersey out of frustration. On the other hand, Kerr saw many reasons to be optimistic after seeing the Warriors push Los Angeles to its limits.

"It was clear to me that the way the guys battled deserved us to win that game," Kerr stated. It seemed like every play had a two-way street. We were clearly the better team and should have won that game. I believe we can recover and have a fantastic season if we maintain playing like we did tonight. That is my firm belief.

Our team is the best. That's incredible. We will make it work. Even though we lost tonight, our lads proved themselves. Undoubtedly, the sensation is pleasant. Winning and losing are the only things that matter in the NBA. Positive emotions have their limits until they are matched with tangible outcomes.

"If the last two games end in a loss, our locker room energy will change," Curry stated. Avoiding letting the agony of it linger is the real struggle. We need to bring our A-game, competitive spirit, and ability to forget things quickly to practice again.