Patrick Mahomes reach fourth Super Bowl, saying he never takes anything for granted.

Patrick Mahomes, quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, will be playing in his fourth Super Bowl. That is unique, and he is aware of it.

"You don't take it for granted," Mahomes said, reflecting on each of his Super Bowl victories. The number of them, or if you'll ever get to any, is completely unpredictable.

After all we've gone through this season, the fact that we get to do it with these men makes it all the more memorable. Rest assured, I informed them that the task is far from over. Our current objective is to make ourselves ready to face a formidable football squad in the Super Bowl with the hopes of winning the championship.

Qualifying for the Super Bowl is not easy. Only Dan Marino made it there once. Just once, Drew Brees. Derek Jeter once. Just once, Steve Young. 

Despite being first ballot inductees, Dan Fouts and Warren Moon were never elected to the Hall of Fame. At the tender age of 28, Mahomes has already played in four Super Bowls.

This is Mahomes' fourth Super Bowl as the starting quarterback for the Chiefs; he has been with the team for six years. They lost in overtime in the AFC Championship Game the two years they failed to make it to the Super Bowl. 

The Chiefs have started Mahomes in every single season, advanced to the AFC Championship Game, and faced road conditions in that game for the first time ever.

"Arrowhead would be my preferred location if I could do it again," Mahomes stated. "So after we go to the Super Bowl and hopefully win it, we'll try to get it back at Arrowhead next year." It would be foolish to wager against Mahomes doing that.