Patrick Mahomes Reacts To Chiefs Offensive Lineman Playing Through Painful Injury

Patrick Mahomes justifiably received almost all of the credit for the Kansas City Chiefs' comeback victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII.

But he's praising one player for fighting through anguish to keep him upright.

Earlier today, it was revealed that Chiefs starting guard Nick Allegretti played the entire game despite suffering a torn UCL in his elbow during the second quarter.

Mahomes evidently didn't know, since he recently praised Allegretti for having the guts and power to stay on the field.

Beast man!" We informed him we wanted him out there, and he did not miss a beat!" Mahomes wrote.

The Chiefs' offensive line obviously struggled during the game. Mahomes was sacked three times and forced out of the pocket numerous times by the 49ers' aggressive defense.

Injuries like the one Allegretti sustained may have contributed to Mahomes being forced to move a little more than usual during a game.

However, it appears that Mahomes regarded Allegretti as the best candidate for the post.

Fans appear to appreciate the effort that each of them did during the game:

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