popular American barbecue

Pulled Pork:  This Southern favorite is slow-cooked for hours until soft and readily shredded. BBQ sauce and coleslaw are common accompaniments.

Beef brisket:  Smoked low and slow until fork-tender. White bread, pickled onions, and sauce are common accompaniments.

Ribs:  Spare or baby back, they're a barbeque classic. They're cooked over indirect heat until fall-off-the-bone tender after being dry-rubbed or smeared in the sauce.


Burnt Ends:  Smoking the fatty ends makes them soft and delicious. You may eat them by themselves or on a sandwich.

Smoked Chicken:  Dry-rubbed whole chickens are smoked till the skin is crispy and served with sauce. Compared to other traditional BBQ fare, it's a better choice.

Hot Links:  These spicy pork-and-beef sausages are a Texas barbecue classic. Onions, sauce, and pickles are common condiments, and they're often served on a bun.

Bratwurst:  These German sausages are a backyard barbeque favorite. They are grilled till crisp on the exterior and then served on a bun with mustard and sauerkraut.

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Corn on the Cob:  Grilled corn is a summer favorite. It's burned over direct heat while being coated with butter and sprinkled with salt.

Baked beans: Sweet, acidic, and smokey, baked beans are the ideal barbecue side. They're slow-cooked with bacon, onion, and molasses.