Popular campfire treat: S'mores, marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers.

The name "S'mores" comes from the English word for "some more," implying that the treat is so good that you might desire more than one. Presented below is an outline of the main elements:

The S'mores recipe wouldn't be complete without marshmallows. Roasting them over an open flame until they get golden brown and are mushy inside is the traditional method. 

Chocolate: The S'mores would not be the same without the richness and sweetness provided by chocolate. Interspersing the graham crackers and marshmallow is a typical addition of a chocolate bar.

The "bread" component of an S'mores sandwich is graham crackers. Their crumbly texture and slightly sweet flavor mix well with the gooey marshmallow and melting chocolate, adding a pleasant crunch.

To make S'mores, you usually just stick a marshmallow onto a stick and toast it over a fire until it's the perfect combination of golden brown and sticky. 

After the marshmallow is cooked, sandwich it between two graham crackers and top it with a piece of chocolate. 

In addition to being a traditional dessert enjoyed around campfires, s'mores have recently grown in popularity as an addition to picnics, backyard barbecues, and other outdoor events. 

Classic s'mores ingredients include crisp graham crackers, toasty marshmallow, and melted chocolate.

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