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Random facts about love

30% of U.S. adults use an online dating app and 12% of the people said that they have married someone they met via these apps.

Online dating and love

Where does the word love even come from? Apparently, from the Sanskrit word lubhyati, which means desire.

Origin of the word Love

Expressing gratitude to a loved one can make us instantly happier. So go on, make days happier for yourself and your loved ones too.

The power of gratitude

Romantic love lasts a year and gives way to committed love, a more stable form, according to science.

The stages of love

Women often feel more loved in face-to-face conversations with their partners. For men, it is working, playing, or conversing side by side that does the trick. 

Men vs. women in love

Act of falling in love is known to have a calming effect on the body and mind and, in fact, raises the level of nerve growth for about a year. 

The effect of love

Compassion affects empathy, positive emotions, and fear centers, linking two brains for secure attachment.

Compassion affects your brain’s chemistry

Red is the magic color. Seemingly, men are more attracted to and likely to engage in deeper conversations with women wearing red.

The color red

Love also has health benefits. Just one of the random facts about love is that men who kiss their wives are thought to live five years longer.

Live longer as you kiss

What makes a relationship work? It is indeed being supportive. How you react to your partner’s big news is what it comes down to in the end.

Being supportive

When we are looking at a new love, our neural circuits, which are usually associated with social judgment, are suppressed, which makes love blind. 

Why love is blind