Seven people who are married discuss how they discovered that their partner was cheating on them.

The worry of your spouse cheating is a major concern while married. Unfortunately, many spouses have faced similar situations, which is difficult. Discover astonishing ways married folks uncovered their unfaithful lover.

We synced our iPhones by accident and got an iMessage that said, "Honey, when are we meeting again?" With a bunch of emojis, they said, "Can't stop thinking about the last time!"

My spouse has a tradition of sending a large arrangement of flowers to me every year on Valentine's Day. However, upon receipt, I noticed that the letter bore a different name and read: "To the lover I can't accept in public but who has my heart!"

During one of his friends' Friday night visits, my wife was asked by one of them how her husband felt about her being seen with me in a faraway mall two days previously. Her spouse had told his girlfriend, who was now sitting still at her friend's reaction, this innocuous fact about me, even though we had never met.

When on vacation, my wife's parents leave their keys with us to water their plants. I had considered surprise her by arriving first. Then I noticed her automobile and considered coming through the rear gate. The bedroom where she was making out with her partner was visible.

So, I left my office to accompany a coworker who wanted to go wedding shopping. Within the store, I witnessed my spouse assisting her with dress fittings and playfully patting her back.

Thus, I was aware of his ex-girlfriend, but I had no idea they remained in contact. Upon seeing her name in the chat window, he requested that I write an email. After that, I went ahead and searched for her name, and all of their conversations came up.

After we made out, we were enjoying ourselves until he received a notification. As we lay uncomfortably near, I beheld the "Miss you" accompanied by two crimson hearts. He turned crimson in the face.

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