Some pointers on how to make your partner want to be with you more.

When your insecurities arise, there are times when you simply can't help but wonder if your boyfriend has been missing you or not. This is something that you can't help but ponder about.

It is possible for such fears to become plain and obvious when the closeness in your love relationship is going through a difficult moment.

You may hunt for justifications to make your partner care more about you and the relationship. In addition to confidence, here are other ways to make your boyfriend miss and adore you!

Mystery fascinates men. If you like keeping secrets, you're on the correct track. Men enjoy solving mysteries or working harder to get close to women. Consider not disclosing everything about yourself if you want to impress. Let him decipher you.

Show your boyfriend you can have fun alone. Have fun with friends at parties, brunches, or other events. This will allow them to wonder how and why you're having so much fun without them. Then they'll miss you!

Though challenging, this will make your boyfriend miss and respect you more. Introduce a buddy or someone who loves you to your guy. Highlight their strengths and laugh sometimes. He will be envious because if he loves you, he wouldn't want his lady to praise another man.

Respond slowly to your man's frequent calls and messages. You may even ignore his calls to make him wonder what's up, especially if he bothers you. You may spice things up by saying you were with another man buddy, which will blow his mind.

If you wear a nice outfit and a strong scent, your man will notice you. Pleasant, sensuous fragrances might make your man want more, leading to passionate bedroom action. Get a great scent and make him miss and want you!

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