Sorry, BeyHive and Swifties—Beyoncé and Taylor Swift aren't collaborating on "Renaissance: Act II"

Taylor Swift once sung, "The rumors are terrible and cruel, but honey, most of them are true."

However, current claims that the Midnights singer is collaborating with Beyoncé on her recently announced album Renaissance:

Act II are untrue. According to a source familiar with the issue, Swift is not included in any manner on Beyoncé's new album.

Killah B, the Grammy-nominated producer who produced and co-wrote Beyoncé's new song "Texas Hold 'Em," teased to TMZ on Tuesday that fans will "just have to wait and see"

if Swift appears on Act II. "Let's just say [Beyoncé is] on the approach of shocking the world," he went on to say. "I'll let your imagination decide what that means.

Following her appearance in a Super Bowl ad on Sunday, the Renaissance singer revealed the title, release date,

and first two tracks from her new album, which appears to be country-tinged. Swift, of course, began her career in country music, so a crossover between the two was not entirely surprising.

Although the two music titans aren't collaborating on Act II, Beyoncé and Swift have openly supported one another throughout their careers, particularly recently. In October,

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