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Storage and Databases of Google Cloud Platforms

A unified object storage service that provides geo-redundant, regional, nearline, and coldline storage options.

Cloud Storage

A fully-managed MySQL database service for hosting relational MySQL databases on Google’s infrastructure.

Cloud SQL

A high-performance NoSQL Big Data database service designed to handle very massive workloads while maintaining consistent low latency and high throughput rates. 


It’s an alternative to Bigtable when ACID transactions are required, or the data stored is highly structured.

Cloud Datastore

A globally distributed relational database that is administered globally and has ACID transactions, robust consistency, SQL semantics, horizontal scaling, and high availability.

Cloud Spanner

A service that provides SSD and HDD storage that can be added to Compute Engine or Container Engine instances.

Persistent Disk

Private Git repositories hosted on GCP; they are currently in beta.

Cloud Source Repositories