Taylor Swift appears stressed as Travis Kelce loses his cool with coach during Super Bowl 2024.

During the 2024 Super Bowl, Taylor Swift appeared stressed and frightened. Travis Kelce, Swift's boyfriend, lost his temper with coach Andy Reid, shoving him and screaming at him before slamming his helmet on the ground.

The "Cruel Summer" singer, 34, was pictured with her hand over her mouth, appearing bewildered by what was going on on the field.

Travis, 34, became enraged over a turnover by the squad after they had a sluggish start in the first half, trailing 10-3 against the San Francisco 49ers before halftime.

Travis did not receive any of quarterback Patrick Mahomes' spectacular touchdown passes, as he only had one catch for one yard in the first half of the game.

Taylor was spotted on the jumbotron smashing a drink while seated in her suite at Allegiant Stadium, and fans noted her concern.

"Travis Kelce assaulted head coach Andy Reid on the bench following the Chiefs' fumble. "He acts like Taylor Swift is planning to leave him after this game,"

one user posted on X, while another commented, "So we're going to ignore Travis Kelce for nearly pushing Andy Reid down while shouting at him? Like, is he all right?"

"Travis Kelce to Andy Reid: 'You know who I'm dating rn, Taylor Swift is going to dump me,'" one X user wrote, while another joked about her drink swig, "Taylor Swift has been hanging out with Jason Kelce too much,"

referring to his booze-fueled antics at the Chiefs versus Bills playoff game, where the Philadelphia Eagles star went shirtless and climbed out of his suite with a beer in hand.

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