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The 10 Biggest 21st Century Tech Failures

Android-powered motion and voice-controlled glasses were designed to act as a hands-free smartphone, providing access to the Internet, maps, your calendar, camera, and more.

Google Glass

The Puls is a smartwatch with its own SIM, which means it doesn't need to be connected to a smartphone to work. Because it was designed to function as its own smart phone, the Puls's small screen makes it difficult to perform tasks.

The "Puls"

The Juicero, unlike traditional juicers, uses pouches of pre-cut, pre-juiced fruit and vegetables, that you simply place into the Juicero for it to squeeze it out into a glass for you. 

The Juicero

MoviePass provided the chance to attend one movie in a theatre every day for a nominal monthly charge by using a MoviePass debit card at the box office.


BitConnect's expansion was far from a failure, with the value of a single coin rising.  However, as with other Ponzi scams, it eventually collapsed.


The app would show users both scripted and unscripted videos, all of which were rather short in duration, with an average run time of about seven minutes.


The Fire Phone, on the other hand, had a lot to live up to, and the pressure was on to create a truly amazing piece of technology.

The Amazon Fire Phone

Google+ was designed to allow users to share almost everything, but users refused.  It was also impossible for users to communicate with one other on Google+ via other platforms, therefore rendering it a non-starter.


Segways, which were introduced in 2001, did not perform as well as their creators had hoped.  Its first publicity was fantastic, with millions of people drawn to its distinctive appearance and novel technology.

The Segway

The release of Windows 8 was a very experimental step for Microsoft, and it certainly did not go as smoothly as the creators had hoped.

Windows 8