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The 10 Most Likely Types of Children to Be Bullied

Talented children may face bullying as a result of envy from peers and adults over their accomplishments, whether they succeed in sports or attain top positions.


Gifted students perform in school and finish projects fast, but they are frequently targeted by bullies who are envious of their ability.

Intelligent, Determined, Creative

Children who are introverted, apprehensive, or subservient, as well as those who lack self-esteem and engage in people-pleasing, are more likely to be bullied.


Bullied children have fewer friends, get rejected, excluded from social events, and may spend lunch/recess alone due to peer rejection.


Bullies may target popular children because they constitute a threat to them. Mean girls frequently abuse people who challenge their popularity.


Bullies prey on physical distinctions such as being short or tall, skinny or fat, wearing glasses, having acne, or having a huge nose or ears. 

Distinctive Physical Appearance

Bullies who lack empathy frequently target special needs children, such as those with ASD, ADHD, dyslexia, Down syndrome, allergies, asthma, and so on.

Illness or Disability

LGBT children are frequently bullied, which can lead to hate crimes if left unchecked.  To keep kids secure, they must have strong support networks.

Different Sexual Orientation

Religious bullying of children is frequent, as evidenced by the treatment of Muslim pupils following 9/11, but Christian and Jewish students are also attacked for their beliefs.

Religious or Cultural Beliefs

Kids bully because of racial differences: for example, White students may target Black pupils, or Black students may target White students.

Different Race