The 11 Best Exercises To Melt Belly Fat Ranked


A classic move that engages your core muscles, helping to tone and tighten your midsection.


Strengthen your core while also working your arms, shoulders, and back. Hold the position for maximum benefits.

Russian Twists

Engage oblique muscles by twisting your torso and tapping the floor on each side. A great exercise for trimming love handles.

Bicycle Crunches

Combine twisting and crunching motions to target both upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Mountain Climbers

Elevate your heart rate and engage your core by simulating a climbing motion while in a plank position.


Tone your legs and work your core simultaneously. Add dumbbells for an extra challenge.


A full-body exercise that helps burn calories and boost metabolism, contributing to belly fat reduction.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Alternate between bursts of intense exercise and short rest periods to maximize fat burning.


Work your entire lower body, including your core, with this powerful exercise.


Whether outdoors or on a stationary bike, cycling is an excellent cardio workout that aids in belly fat loss.

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