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The 6 Best Bedtime Teas That Help You Sleep

Magnolia tea has sedative honokiol and magnolol. It reduces insomnia, but more research is needed to confirm human effects.

Magnolia tea

Green tea may improve sleep quality and reduce insomnia due to its sedative effects. EGCG in green tea could be responsible.

Low caffeine green tea

Chamomile tea's sedative effects may improve sleep quality, and limited research suggests it can reduce sleep difficulty symptoms.

Chamomile tea

Lavender tea may promote relaxation and sleep quality. Studies suggest benefits for fatigue, anxiety, and depression, but more research is needed.

Lavender tea

Valerian root tea may aid sleep & reduce anxiety by boosting GABA levels, but research is limited.

Valerian tea

Passionflower's extract in tinctures, capsules, and tea may relieve anxiety, acting as a natural sedative, but its effect on sleep quality remains unclear.

Passionflower tea