The 6 Most Reliably Cool Zodiac Signs



As an earth sign governed by Venus, Taurus is known for its stoicism and steady demeanor. They are the rock of stability in a storm because they are rooted in reality.


As a Venus-ruled air sign, Libra seeks equilibrium and peace in all spheres of existence. Because of their innate politeness and need for balance, they are pros at seeming unruffled.


As another earth sign ruled by Mercury, Virgo pays close attention to the smallest of details. Because of their meticulous character, they are able to maintain their composure in the face of ambiguity.



Saturn, the earth planet, is the ruler of Capricorn, the tenacious sign. Their dedication to their goals helps them keep their cool in the face of adversity.


Pisces, the mutable water sign ruled by Neptune, are known for their calm demeanor and the creativity with which they approach life. Even in the midst of upheaval, they are able to find some measure of peace inside themselves.


As a Uranus-ruled air sign, Aquarius takes a rational and objective view of the world. Their levelheadedness stems in part from their natural ability to take a step back and observe.

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