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The Classic Literature That Captures Zodiac Sign

Aquarius is reminded to embrace individuality and progress in Brave New World, a cautionary tale that sacrifices individuality for uniformity.


Pride and Prejudice reflects Virgo traits; formal Regency setting, navigating etiquette rules, and clever wordplay. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth's tension adds a Virgoan touch.


Crime and Punishment captures the dark side of the Scorpio experience as Raskolnikov murders his landlord and faces the psychological torment of his own actions.


Dorian Gray's split personality embodies Gemini traits; exploring the gray area of the human soul, with clever energy and queer undertones.


Jane Eyre's story of resilience and overcoming hardship speaks to Capricorns, known for their hardworking and determined nature shaped by difficult experiences.


Lord of the Flies shows how humans can become animalistic without societal rules. Aries, ruled by Mars, relates to the primal behavior depicted in the book.


To Kill a Mockingbird embodies Libra traits; Atticus Finch's fight for justice for a Black man wrongly accused shows Libra's concern for righting wrongs.


The Great Gatsby embodies Taurus traits; ruled by Venus, it portrays the desire for luxury and romantic stability. Gatsby's tragedy reflects this.


Tolkien's The Hobbit is a perfect fit for adventurous Sagittarius, with Bilbo Baggins' journey through Middle Earth reminding us that life is one big adventure.


The Chronicles of Narnia embodies Leo traits; reminding us of our inner child with a fantasy world of magic, kings, queens, and creatures.


Little Women's family love reflects Cancer traits; homebody, caretaker, and nostalgic. The March sisters' ups and downs remind us of family bonds.


The Catcher in the Rye captures Pisces’ sense of disassociation and escapism, as Holden Caulfield grieves the death of his brother and feels like an outsider in a phony world.