The Most to Least Likely Zodiac Signs to Cheat Part -1

1. Libra Libras are big flirts, therefore many people are wary about dating them. They may be correct to hesitate.

Libra Libra flirts even after committing. Though innocent, it occasionally goes too far.

2. Gemini  If you can't offer Gemini 24/7 attention, she'll find someone else. Gemini women are indecisive, so they'll keep you around to obtain what she wants.

Gemini  If she demands everything and her partners can't offer it to her, Gemini is most likely to cheat. She may seek a third.


3. Capricorn  Capricorn seeks to benefit from her interactions. She wants happiness, support, stability, and maybe prestige. When she finds it, she won't risk losing it.

4. Taurus  Taurus stays true since it helps her the most. Having one connection eliminates the need to sneak around and create excuses. Taurus would never cheat. Isn't that good? Good, though selfish.

5. Cancer Cancer is the most loyal zodiac sign and the second least likely to cheat.

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Cancer She values family above everything else and seeks emotional support. Cheating would make her nervous and insecure, which she dislikes.

Cancer She doesn't top the list since some of these reasons seem to benefit just her, but she won't cheat.

6. Leo  Leo is theatrical and demands attention. If she feels like you're ignoring her or not treating her like the queen she thinks she is, she'll do everything to get your attention.