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The Smartest Dog Breeds

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Border collie

This is the smartest dog breed. This breed is so intelligent, affectionate, energetic, workaholic and also good at communicating with humans.


One of a number of elegant French dog breeds & often seen as high maintenance. This breed gets high marks for its emotional and cognitive intelligence.

German shepherd

The breed have high intelligence, high level of focus, desire & ability to be obedient & protective instinct with regard to its fellow “pack” members.

Golden retriever

loved by all around the world as a dependable, obedient companion. Aptitude for learning commands make preferred pet for people with disabilities.

Doberman  pinscher

Known for their fearless nature, speed, and deep stamina, these tough but elegant-looking, robustly athletic creatures make ideal guard dogs.

Shetland sheepdog

They are relatively intelligence, obedience, and has quickness on their feet & does everything that a larger herding dog can do but on less food.

Labrador retriever

It’s an intelligent dog breed, highlighting its stunning sense of smell and ability to make good judgments based thereon and known for self-training.


Smallest of the smartest dog breeds with adorably big-eared pups. They have high aptitude for learning and obeying commands.


Rotties are revered as one of the smartest dogs for their sharp perception, unwavering loyalty, and acute awareness.

Pembroke Welsh corgi

known for being obedient, athletic, affectionate, smart, alert and skilled for tracking, so it has been the go-to dog breed of the English royals.