The Top Four Dominant Astrological Signs

Venus rules Taurus, which is persistent. As a fixed Earth sign, you can get too comfortable.

Venus Retrograde and Your Zodiac Sign  Your demand for security and deep-seated dread of unpredictability often make you unyielding. 

Sun-ruled Leos are leaders. Fixed fire signs want to lead. Your ability to command and desire to be in the spotlight make you seem domineering.

 Leo Your hunger for success drives your quest for control. Creating an environment that supports your vision is more important than dominating others.

Scorpios, ruled by Pluto, are deep. Control may help you feel powerful and prevent your vulnerabilities

corpio Control and truth and authenticity are related. You despise superficiality and want to get to the bottom of things, frequently forcing you to take charge.

Saturn, the planet of discipline, rules ambitious Capricorn, a cardinal Earth sign. Control helps you attain goals and feel secure.

 capricorn Control is rarely about power. It comes from your deep appreciation of time and hard work. To succeed, you often take charge. 

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