These three zodiac signs tend to be the loneliest

1. Sagittarius Sagittarius places a premium on independence and believes that being around other people limits their ability to do what they want.

Sagittarius  Therefore, they should seek out solitude in order to make the most of their prized independence. Work is similar in this respect.

Sagittarius Sagittarians value their own thoughts and solitude protects them from the influence of others.


2 Scorpio Scorpios need time alone in order to focus on themselves and their thoughts. Furthermore, these unknown beings never appear in groups. 

 Scorpio  They tend to retreat from social situations in order to observe and analyze the behavior of those around them. However, if they are isolated for too long,

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1. Taurus They benefit from being alone since it gives them the time to ponder things out (and put things off). Taurus needs their alone time otherwise they may feel suffocated. 

Taurus  They will feel powerless to do anything about it and settle for watching from the sidelines. They will be unable to make any choices at all.