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Things You Should Know To Keep More Good Friends

Cultivating durable friendships involves a solid foundation, resolving misunderstandings & showing appreciation. So stay connected online but offline also.

Make time to connect.

If a friend is facing a tough time/ crisis, let her know how & when to best reach you for support.

Set and respect boundaries.

Best friends are those who can listen deeply, without giving endless commentary/unsolicited advice. Also, know how to hold off on speaking.

Communicate mindfully.

If you solicit their feedback, Whether they have similar/different backgrounds, beliefs & philosophies, friends bring a unique perspective in life.

Be open to feedback.

Healthy friendships are built on equality and respect. Not about telling your friend what to do, but reminding him of his capabilities & desires.

Keep them accountable.

Create/take advantage of opportunities to meet their family members & other friends. Develop common hobbies & be a part of your friends’ community.

Get to know them personally.

Good friends have full lives and personal responsibilities of their own, So don't be too needy/clingy, this can drive good friends away.

Give them space.

Practicing honesty and transparency, keeping confidences, and showing genuine interest in your friend’s well being are key to establishing trust.

Build trust.

State your preferences & point of view to create clarity and encourage dialogue. Any type of emotional blackmail is not good for a good friendship.

Resolve disagreements in emotionally mature ways.

Making negative comments & finding fault are major turn-offs. Instead, be a vocal witness to your friend’s best qualities & most joyful experiences.

Be a positive force.