This is a list of items that guys love to see you wearing in bed that are both comfy and sexy.

Despite the fact that lacey lingerie and sex are two of the most traditional things that men are expected to be interested in, there are certain garments that are really comfortable while also being extremely attractive.

Most women think they have to work hard to look hot in bed for their boyfriend. Men sometimes urge you to wear basic clothes because they think you sexy. Men want you to wear these everyday but hot bedtime items.

Ideally without anything below. Stop attempting to seduce your boyfriend in bed and wear his t-shirt. Wearing his loose t-shirt shows you're comfortable with him.

It will show him that you can look hot in his clothing without trying too hard. Keep things simple, women. You'll be amazed how little guys want clothes.

Very large, they'll fully cover your body. Men find them sexy because of that. It's an enticing mystery to them. Women don't find PJs sexy, but men do. When you want to get your partner in the mood, slip on some flannel PJs and watch it get heated.

Glasses equal intellect. Men often have teacher-student fantasies about glasses-wearing girls. Messy bun adds to their attraction. Men find it seductive and hot. They think you're restless but not trying. Your partner is most interested in you when you're wearing spectacles and arranging your hair in a bun.

Your guy finds a simple pair of leggings attractive on you. It leaves nothing to imagination since it's all there. Every curvature is visible. When you move about the bedroom in body-fitting leggings, your boyfriend will be captivated.

Very attractive! You have no clue how much men appreciate seeing your booty. Men like booty shorts with charming patterns because they seem innocent but sexy on women. If your partner loves that bum, booty shorts around the home will get his attention.

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